Top-Line Xtreme

To support healthy topline muscle development.

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Topline Xtreme

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Features and Benefits

  • Includes Topline Balance®, our unique approach to topline health
  • Milk-based source of balanced amino acids to support topline and muscle growth
  • Contains nutrients that support performance
  • Rice bran oil as source of Gamma Oryzanol to support normal muscle development
  • Flaxseed as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids for enhanced hair coat and overall appearance
  • Easy-to-use pellet form works in conjunction with any feed
  • Soy-free formula ideal for all horses
  • 30-day maintenance supply


Feed Directions 

    Horse's Body Weight
Less Than 1200 lbs More than 1200 lbs
For Athletic Performance   2 scoops 2 scoops
Recovery from Exercise     2 scoops 3 scoops
For Enhanced Muscle and Topline Maximum Development AM   1 scoop 1 scoop
PM   1 scoop 2 scoops
Topline and Muscle Maintenance AM   1 scoop 1 scoop
PM   1 scoop 2 scoops



Guaranteed Analysis

CRUDE PROTEIN     min. 60.00% CRUDE FAT                       min. 8.00%   
LYSINE                      min. 4.30% CRUDE FIBER                   max. 1.0% 
METHIONINE            min. 2.20% ADF                                   max. 0.5%
THREONINE              min. 3.40% NDF                                   max. 1.0%


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Whey Protein Concentrate, Wheat Gluten, Flaxseed, Vegetable Oil, Yeast Extract, Spray Dried Whey, Spray Dried Egg, Rice Bran Oil, Betaine, DL-Methionine, L-Lysine, LTryptophan, L-Threonine and Natural and Artificial Flavors.


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