Rejuvenaide® Paste

Helps promote normal growth and healthy leg development for foals and growing horses.

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rejuvenaide paste

Features and Benefits

  • Ready-to-use — no additional mixing
  • For use in growing horses over five days of age
  • Can be administered if the horse is not consuming the recommended allowance of the appropriate feed
  • Convenient 30 cc tube that contains a measuring application system
  • Contains 100% chelated minerals for easy absorption
  • Dose daily for consistent, great results


Feeding Directions

  • After 5 days of age administer at the rate of 2 cc per 100 lb of body weight per day. 
  • Start feeding FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep as soon as the foal shows interest in eating. 
  • One lb of FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep contains the same amount of chelated trace minerals as 2 cc of Rejuvenaide® paste
  • Introduce Progressive Nutrition’s FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep as soon as the foal shows interest in eating. This usually occurs with-in the first two weeks of life. 
  • One pound of FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep contains the same amount of chelated trace minerals as 2cc of Rejuvenaide® paste



Guaranteed Analysis

COPPER                min. 3.2 mg VITAMIN A                      min. 3,500 IU
ZINC                      min. 9.3 mg VITAMIN D                      min. 350 IU
SELENIUM            min. 0.25 mg VITAMIN E                       min. 100 IU


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