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Top-Line Balance

Topline Balance®, a unique approach to topline health.

A horse's topline - the muscles that support the spine, from neck to hindquarters - plays an important role in how a horse performs, looks and feels. While exercise, saddle fit, genetics and age are most frequently blamed for a poor topline, nutrition actually plays the most critical role. Nutrena and Progressive Nutrition are placing this concept at the forefront of our suite of nutrition solutions, so that your horse can benefit from having the healthiest topline possible.

Topline Balance® is Nutrena and Progressive Nutrition's unique approach to topline health. You can find feeds that will support topline health by identifying the Topline Balance logo on the following feeds: SafeChoice® Horse Feeds, ProForce® Horse Feeds, and Empower® Balance. In addition, specific Progressive® Nutrition products also include the Topline Balance® solution.

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