It all starts with results you can see. With our advanced feeding solutions, you could see a visible improvement in as little as 30 days.

Enhanced muscle development, increased stamina, healthy hair coat and everything in between. We have the science and expertise to help bring out the best in your horses.

So whether you have a specific goal in mind or you’re looking to improve your horse’s topline, our supplements will prove themselves with visibly improved results.

aqua aide

Aqua Aide®

Supplement designed to help replenish electrolyte losses associated with fatigue, dehydration, heat injury, muscle cramping, reduced gut function and exercise

kool blue ultra

Kool Blue™ Ultra

Supplement promotes a relaxed, focused horse during traveling, competing, or challenging environment or schedules

soothing pink xtra strength

Soothing Pink™ Xtra Strength

Supplement is for all horses that are prone to occasional gastric upset — especially horses in training and competition that are more vulnerable

topline advanced support

Top-Line™ Advanced Support

Supplement that provides effective results in strengthening and supporting muscle on your horse’s topline with or without exercise.

Topline Xtreme

Top-Line Xtreme™

Formulated with cutting-edge nutritional technology and select ingredients for the ultimate in supporting healthy muscle growth, development and performance.