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Progressive Nutrition® is a research-based company dedicated to providing the precise nutrition horses need to look, feel and perform their best. We offer customized supplements that give your horses the specific nutrients they need.


It all starts with results you can see. With our advanced feeding solutions, you could see a visible improvement in as little as 30 days. Enhanced muscle development, increased stamina, healthy hair coat and everything in between. 

Foal Products

The nutrient requirements of a newborn, rapidly growing foal are high and complex. Their future depends on proper nutrition at this stage. With Progressive Nutrition, you can rely on our products to provide the appropriate nutrients to support the maximum potential of your foal.

Veterinary Care

Available only for purchase through our e-store, proof of veterinary licensing will be required in order to purchase these products. Please contact Progressive Nutrition here in order to set up a Veterinary Care approved account.

Nutrition Information

When it comes to the health and condition of your horse, no other feed company can match the depth of our scientific research and expertise. We draw upon the largest, most complete nutrition staff in the U.S. and around the world to help all your horses reach their true genetic potential.