Progressive Nutrition Horse Feeds

At Progressive Nutrition, we’ve always worked hard to bring you the very best in nutrition products for your horses. As we move into the future, we are refining that focus to bring you the very best in nutritional supplements. Our current line of horse feeds and diet balancers will be transitioning to the ProElite horse feed ProElite brand in July of 2019, where they will become part of a family of products that stand out for their nutritional superiority. Small package Progressive Nutrition supplements and Foals First® products will remain as they are today, without changes.

We are committed to being here to support you fully throughout the transition. Please see the product-by-product changes, and links to the new ProElite brand feeds, below. If you have questions about the transition, please contact us via the ProElite website ProElite

Current Progressive Nutrition product:New ProElite Horse Feed product:
ProAdvantage Adult SupplementProElite Grass Advantage
ProAdvantage GrassProElite Grass Advantage
ProAdvantage AlfalfaProElite Alfalfa Advantage
Envision ClassicProElite Omega Advantage
ProAdd™ UltimateProElite Topline Advantage
GrowthProElite Growth
PerformanceProElite Performance
Lo-Carb PelletProElite Starch Wise
SeniorProElite Senior