Precise Nutrition. Visible Results.

It’s easy to spot a horse on a Progressive Nutrition® diet. Because our feeds, balancers and supplements are formulated to deliver the precise nutrients your horses need for superior performance. The visible results are astounding. And our specialists, Ph.D.s and biochemists will continue working together to help your horses reach their true genetic potential.

All Progressive Nutrition® products contain:

  • Only highly digestible fiber sources like beet pulp so your horse gets the most out of feed.
  • High bioavailability of nutrients for normal growth and development.
  • Purified amino acids for enhanced muscling and better topline.
  • Proprietary blend of balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for better hoof, hair and coat quality.
Horse FeedsSupplementsFoal Supplements
Premium Lo-CarbAqua AideFoals First Milk Replacer
Premium Performance 8 PelletEnvision ClassicFoals First Starter & Creep
Premium Performance 8 Sweet Kool Blue UltraRejuvenaide Paste
Premium Senior Pellet Motion Source Rejuvenaide Plus Liquid
Premium Senior Sweet Progressive Alfalfa Minerals Rejuvenaide Plus Pellet
Premium Growth Pellet Progressive Grass Minerals Leg Aide Liquid
Premium Growth Sweet ProAdd Ultimate Leg Aide Pellet
ProAdvantage Adult Soothing Pink Xtra Strength  
ProAdvantage Alfalfa TopLine Advanced Support  
ProAdvantage Grass TopLine Xtreme  
  Forage Pro Paddock  
  Xtinguish Plus